Friday, June 14, 2013

Here are the Suspensions - Diamondbacks Get the Brunt of it

Joe Garagiola, Jr. just meted out some Baseball justice and decided that the Diamondbacks deserved to get whacked good.   Overall, it appears fair (of course, I'm a little biased).  See a quick rundown below.  Here is the MLB press release:

  • J.P. Howell - 2 games for aggressive actions during the incidents;
  • Skip Schumaker -  2 games for aggressive actions during the incidents;
  • Mark McGwire - 2 games for his conduct during the incidents;
  • Ronald Belisario - 1 game for his aggressive actions during the incidents;
  • Don Mattingly - 1 game suspension for the actions of his Club and for his conduct during the incident; and
  • Zack Greinke and Yasiel Puig have been fined for unspecified amounts.
  • Ian Kennedy - 10 games for intentionally throwing a pitch in the head area of Zack Greinke of the Dodgers in the bottom of the seventh inning, after a warning had already been issued to both Clubs earlier in the game;
  • Eric Hinske -  5 game for leaving the dugout and for his aggressive actions during the incidents;
  • Kirk Gibson - 1 game suspension for the intentional actions of Kennedy after a warning had been issued; and
  • Miguel Montero and Gerardo Parra have been fined for unspecified amounts.
Additionally, any player can appeal their suspension, but coaches cannot (they must be served immediately).  Furthermore, the Dodgers received a fine for allowing DL'd players to enter the field during the bench-clearing fight, and current players on the DL cannot sit on the bench with their teammates this weekend.

As you can see, the Dodgers have more players suspended, but the Diamondbacks got the stiffer penalties.

I'm surprised about the Hinske suspension.  I had read that Hinske was the player who had provoked Puig into the madman we all witnessed.  From what I understand, Hinske threw a punch at Puig and hit him squarely in the face.  Puig obviously responded angrily, but apparently never threw an actual punch.  I assume the magic of replay from different vantage points (not available to us) showed proof of this.

As for the Dodger suspensions.  I would bet that the relievers will appeal; such that they are staggered to not be at the same time.  Maybe they should have Belisario take his suspension tonight and have JP appeal so that he is available to play today.  Then, they can have JP drop his appeal and serve his suspension starting on Saturday.  Schumaker should just serve his suspension now.  After all, I don't think any of these guys want to miss the series against the Yankees starting next week.

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